I’ve really slacked at writing training weekly updates lately, but I think they were helpful for me when I was training for the 2021 Chicago Marathon. I started training with the Galloway Customized Training Program in April, so I am not following the Hal Higdon Dopey Training Plan or the RunDisney Galloway Training Program since Coach Twiggs created a training plan for me. When I signed up for the program, I told him I wanted to finish the 2023 Disney Marathon strong and in 5 or 5:15 time (I forgot what I told him). That is how he created my current training plan.

Instagram is abuzz with 2023 Disney Marathon training kicking off this past week (June 27 – July 3). The RunDisney training plan has a 3-mile long run this weekend, which is the plan a lot of people are following. I did a 12-mile run on Saturday, so my plan is a bit different. I decided to keep up with everyone, this week was my first “official” training week for Dopey 2023. The excitement and camaraderie makes the difficult training cycle more fun, so I am going to do updates based on this broader plan. The first of 28 weeks…


This is my rest day. I was supposed to do yoga, but I didn’t…I did fit in the speed workout I was supposed to do on Sunday. My business was robbed early on Sunday morning, so I didn’t get to do my first track workout then because it was too hot. (Don’t get my started on the idiot who tried to rob me and likely won’t have any repercussions to his STUPID actions.)

Coach prescribes a track workout to help with speed. Today I was supposed to do 4 x 800 in 5:15 (90/30 pace) and a 400 meter cool down in between in that same amount of time. I tried to go to a local middle school and use their track; I left because it said “no trespassing” and got nervous. Instead, I tried to use a neighborhood circle, but I couldn’t keep track of the time/pace/distance and basically botched the whole thing.

What I learned for this is WOW, this is going to be tough. This was only 4 sets, but my later training exceeds 10. I’ve never done a speed training before, and this is going to be INTENSE! That’s what I’m here for, and why I decided to work with a coach.


My typical Tuesday training is a 10 minute warm up (30/30 ratio) then 10-15 minutes at race pace (60/30), follow up by a 10 minute cool down (30/30 ratio). I did this with my neighbor, which it is nice to have someone to run with, and it was actually a nice morning. This generally works out to a 3-mile run. Overall, I did a 12:15 pace for the workout. It was a good run, and I finished in time to get ready for work.


Coach has me scheduled for cross training. I try to bike this day, but I decided to go for a walk instead, even though I should have biked for my Pelotonia training. Cycling is so overwhelming because I am terrified of the cars. When I walk, I don’t feel bad about using the sidewalk…


Today is Coach’s drill day. I still go about 3 miles, but my schedule is:

  • 10-minute warm up (30/30)
  • Cadence Drills (keep on 30/30 timer)
  • Today I did a MM instead of race pace
  • Acceleration gliders
  • 10-minute cool down (30/30)

I kept my timer on 30/30 the whole time today but ignored it during the MM, but it was easy to do everything else with this timer. The thing I should note here is my MM. On Tuesday’s group call, Coach suggested I do a MM because I was really struggling to slow down enough to hit my recommended paces. This would be my 3rd MM a month or two, and since I know I haven’t been able to execute it well, I thought that was a good decision. I added in more walk breaks since that is the recommendation he makes to other group members. My “track” is a neighborhood circle 3+ times. I put my walk breaks at half way, at the start, and then repeated that 3 times, so it was 6 times instead of 3 times as I did on my second try. On my first try, I ran with 0 walk breaks.

I really don’t understand it, but I ran faster with 6 10-second walk breaks than I did with 0 walk breaks. It was a hot day, and I did a mile in 8:58; that is crazy! I don’t know if I ever did a mile that fast before! Super happy about this!


Today was a low-key cross train day, so I just walked for 2 miles.


Today was my weekly long-run. I did 12-miles, which I did at a 30/30 ratio. It was really tough, but I was steady. Not sure I could have gone too much further, as I was excited to be done! Best of all, I basically hit my 13:40 pace!

Let me tell you, I’m so happy with my hydration pack. That makes a huge difference. I’ve been trying out Salt Stick tablets and using my vest, so I feel like I can sustain myself for longer. My fingers are swelling, but they don’t hurt like they usually do.


For today’s cross-training, I finally got in my swim. It has been a long time since I got into a pool. but I know how beneficial it is. I walked to the pool before its opening. Having signed the waiver saying that I was adult and could manage the pool without a lifeguard, I was disappointed to find all of the gates locked. In a mature fashion, showing my real age, I jumped the fence. Yep. I’m 37 but definitely felt 15 again. The lifeguard came in about 30 minutes later, and asked how I got in. I couldn’t lie…

Even though it was hot, I did get in 18 holes of golf that afternoon and had one of the best games that I have done (I’m still a beginner). It’s just so pretty!