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Hello Spring! Hello FabFitFun

Ever since my firstIMG_0822 “welcome box,” I was excited to get my next FabFitFun box. The process was a bit confusing because I wasn’t sure if I was getting it or not. I received an email, but then it seemed like a long time with nothing. I contacted customer support via email to confirm I was registered. They confirmed within a few hours that I should¬†receive one in the next few days. Their website isn’t friendly, and they made a note they are working to improve the front-end. The overall theme of the box is getting ready for a spring fling and feeling good about yourself – which I think is the goal of their company ūüôā


  • DIY Herbs: I was most excited about these…and now a few weeks later verIMG_0825y sad. The
    instructions basically say the kit is flawless. Nope. Not for me. No¬†sprouts, and I don’t know why. I’ve given it several weeks, but I think I need to find¬†new seeds to plant. I really like the box they provided, and it fits perfectly on my window sill.
  • ISH contour kit: Maybe I just don’t know enough about makeup, but they didn’t give any guidance or instructions on how to use this. I love makeup, and
    I would have used this already, but I have to Google it. I understand the concept, but I am not sure how to apply it. No feedback yet for this until I stop being lazy to figure out the right way to use it – I don’t want to look like a clown.
  • Keratin Gloves and Socks:¬†The brand is Bodipure, and they worked really well. They are essentially cheap plastic cooking gloves (and socks) that are filled with lotion and oil to soften hands. I did an at-home mani/pedi, and it worked much better than soaking and using oil. ¬†You can buy them on Amazon for $5.99/pack and in bulk on their website. I will likely buy these again since they worked well and are made from all-natural products.
  • HelloLegs shaving cream: They softened my legs a bit, but for the most part, I didn’t see a big difference in this. I may just need to use it longer and more often to see more of a result.
  • Marrakesh hair oil: This smells great, but I haven’t used it enough yet. It doesn’t “spread” easily, so I don’t know if I am applying it correctly.
  • Jus D’Amour Bath Bomb: Haven’t had a chance to take a bath yet, but these smell so good, I can’t wait to take one soon!
  • Jewelry piece by Jook & Nona: as I mentioned before, I’m not a big jewelry person, so I don’t get into this much. It’s a nice necklace that says “love” but completely not my style.
  • Yoga Mat Strap by Merrithew: Because my herbs haven’t grown, this was my favorite item. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. You can buy a gray one on their website, but the FabFitFun edition was pink, my favorite color. It doubles as a stretching assistant and works fantastically! They are having a sale until May 31, 2016, for 25% off their website with code FFFMAT16. I’d say that’s a great deal!
  • GiftcarIMG_0824ds: since I’m not a big shopper, these don’t do
    a lot for me, and I’ll likely never visit the websites to see what they offer…
  • I am that Girl partnership: they partnered with the nonprofit to promote their message – very good message, so here’s a call out to the organization.

Well, that’s all for these season. I look forward to receiving the next box. I’ll post in a more timely manner in the future. It takes a while to try these products…and I was REALLY hoping I could share a picture of my herbs. But, alas, they will be laid to rest this weekend.

FabFitFun. The name says it all.

Since moving out on my own again, I have been taking full advantage of my mailbox. And thanks to Facebook advertising, I am learning about all kinds of things to buy and try. Next on the list – FabFitFun Box. This ALWAYS pops up on my newsfeed, and their 50% off special sealed the deal. Anyone else have this problem?

But, alas, the box arrived, and I was actually really excited. I’ve tried other boxes before IMG_0757
like Conscious Box and some others, but after one or two I was done. It had been a while, so I thought I should try this new one. I’m happy I did because it was quite good. Essentially, FabFitFun is a box that sends full-size health and beauty products to subscribers once/quarter. The full-price box costs $49.99 with a supposed $250-$350 value of products in each box. Consumers can then go and buy these products on their own and additional products from the same companies. It is a way for companies to advertise to an engaged audience. I haven’t ever bought additional products, since I just like trying things and getting mail. The reason why I’ll continue to subscribe is because I actually¬†liked the products I received and could see myself buying some of these things on my own.

IMG_0758The Packaging: Well done. The packaging for FabFitFun was very girly and exciting. It had a few brochures which explained the company as well as each of the products found in the box. They contained websites of each product so you can learn where to buy them in the future. Everything was arranged nicely, which helps portray a higher value. It felt special, as opposed to some boxes that just provide samples and throws everything together.

IMG_0759The Products: I have to note to all of you, that I am not a big shopper. I have had my days when I was younger, but I am not the type of person to just buy things at the store. This box was like someone just went and did that for me. Love it.

  • Cosmobody Jump Rope – by far my favorite item since I had been wanting to buy one. Jump roping is great exercise, and easy to bring with you when you travel.
  • Organic Valley Milk Protein Shake – I really liked this! I was (and am) a bit weirded out by it since it isn’t refrigerated, but it was a great on-the-go snack/light dinner. I think it would be really delicious after a run, but I didn’t think that far ahead. I will buy this in the future since it was so easy to take with me.
  • Gorge Conditioning Spray – I love hair products. I love to try them and love to use them. I’ve been using this for a few days and have a good impression thus far. Sometimes conditioning sprays say you can use them and style your hair, but they make my hair look oily. This one hasn’t done that yet. I haven’t observed a huge improvement in the condition of my hair, but I’ll keep trying it.
  • Zoya Nail Polish – another nail polish. That was my first thought, but I told myself I would try everything. I like very natural colors, but I got the blue one. Actually, I still can’t decide if it’s blue, gray, or periwinkle. I feel like it changes depending on what I am wearing. I am not a huge fan of the color, but I absolutely love the way it goes on and it dries. It’s very smooth and consistent. I’ll continue to use it, but on my toes only. I’ll have to do research later on other colors they sell. A weird thing it said in its description was that it was safe for women who are pregnant. I know nothing about babies, but I wasn’t aware nail polish was something forbidden…hmm…my friends may need to watch out.
  • My least favorite products were the necklace and the headphones, for the same reason. I find it crazy to buy duplicate items. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and when I do, I wear pearls. It’s simple, classic, and it goes with everything. I don’t have to worry about matching. As for headphones, my iPhone came with headphones and they work fine. Eventually, I’ll try these, but right now, not my thing.

The Final Word:¬†I enjoyed receiving this box and would recommend it, but I do find the website and program a bit confusing. When I signed up for this box, I assumed it was for the program, but what I actually received was the “Welcome Box.” I had to sign up again (or not cancel) to receive the spring box. I am excited to receive the spring box, but I am not sure when I receive it or if I should already have received it. Their communication is confusing, and I’m not sure what to expect. I was billed on March 10, but who knows when it will come. According to Facebook, maybe it already came, but I haven’t received it. Stay tuned for more details…

What types of boxes do you like? Any type of suggestions I should try?

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