Even though no one reads this, I find updating my blog helpful for accountability. There are a lot of things I need to write for my training updates, but I haven’t prioritized a weekly update. Therefore, I have a lot of updates in my running routines, and I will do a high-level update here.

Customized Training Program with Chris Twiggs

On May 17 or 18, I started the Customized Training Program with Coach Twiggs, as part of the Galloway Training Program. I learned about this program on a podcast I’ve been listening to when Coach Twiggs was interviewed. When I first received the schedule, I panicked. It was so different than what I was planning using Hal Higdon Dopey plan. I was also overwhelmed because he had me running 26 miles in November with the race in January. The shock was a lot for me to take in.

Take it in I did, and I emailed him questions and comments. I also signed up for an extra 6 months (taking this program to 1 year) so I could see the full plan for Dopey. He has been really wonderful to work with and help with making changes. I think this Galloway program will be good for me to improve as a runner.

Upcoming Race Plans

With my new training program, I had to adjust the races I was signed up for. I was signed up for the Charlotte six-pack series, Cannonball half marathon, and the City of Oaks half marathon. I was toying with doing the Charlotte half marathon but Coach said that would be a challenging date. Instead, I signed up for the Kiawah Island Marathon in December to do during my Dopey dress rehearsal.

Favorite podcasts

Podcast have been both keeping me motivated and teaching me new things. My favorite running podcasts are:

I’ve learned a lot about running from each of them, and highly recommend them. l enjoy listening to them on runs.

Finding Community

I’ve been really nerding out to running but don’t have anyone to talk to about it. One of the things I hear in the RunDisney community is meeting virtual friends. Even though I have to have a limited relationship with Facebook, I decided to join some Facebook groups for Dopey people. It is neat to see the updates others have and feed off their excitement.