Weekends are time to catch up on things or spend time with friends. I was supposed to catch up on things, but let’s be honest. That didn’t happen, but I did get to spend time with friends wandering to two of my favorite activities: wine tasting and the theatre.

Wine Tasting

North Carolina has over 150 wineries across the state. Wine varieties range from French varietals in the mountains to the native muscadine on the coast. Visiting wineries is one of my favorite wanderings. Each one is unique and different from the other. There are large productions (i.e. Biltmore Winery) to small mom-and-pop-type locations.

 Sunday I visited Junius Lindsay in Welcome, NC. Great outdoor seating area and space to hang out. It’s definitely a good lunch stop on a wine tour if you pack a picnic. I went with one of my best friends, Heart, who is very friendly and social. She struck up a conversation with other patrons, and it was awesome to hear their stories. We met “The Boss” Bell who makes and sells his own BBQ sauce in Lowe’s and Harris Teeter around the Moore County area. It’s called Boss Bell’s BBQ Brew. I look forward to trying it! More to come on this.

Overall, a great afternoon, made better by Heart’s social skills and outgoing personality. I enjoy wandering, but am very timid. Something I should work on in my adventures. That’s why I like that my friends are friendly and outgoing!

Book of Mormon

I absolutely love to go to the theatre. People are so talented, and I love to see how someone can envision a story then make it come to life in a small, stationary place. Everything from the set and costumes to performers and the music, it’s amazing to watch it all come together. Broadway was (and is) one of my favorite things about NYC. The great thing about Charlotte is there is a large theatre here (Blumenthal Performing Arts Center), so we have the chance to see many shows that are coming to town. Sunday, I got to see The Book of Mormon with my friend. I was nervous about this show because I’m not sure if I can appreciate the humor…and I was right. I was probably the only person in the theatre not laughing.

Prior to the show, my friend and I were talking about our expectations for the show. He asked, “Do you know the plot?” Wow. I was stumped. I had heard about this show a lot, but no one had EVER mentioned the plot. (Essentially, two mormon young adults go to Africa for their two year mission. Their religion and the local cultural are different – insert drama and inappropriate jokes.) The writers are from South Park, so I didn’t have high expectations since I don’t enjoy that show. I could go on about this, but it’s probably not worth it.

I was really happy to see how many men my age attended the show. Typically, you don’t see a lot of guys at the theatre, but it was full of them! They laughed the whole time, so if anything, I’m glad it exposed the theatre to a population who doesn’t usually attend.

So long until the next journey…