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Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Shark Tank is one of my favorite TV shows because it promotes entrepreneurialism and small business – what America stands for! I am always very excited to try new Shark Tank products, so when I found a cookie kit at Target, I had to try it.  Scratch and Grain Baking Co. was featured in season 6 where Barbara gave them a deal. Scratch and Grain designs natural and organic baking kits for cookies, brownies, and more.

The Process

I love to bake, but I haven’t really baked in the last 3 or 4 years. Even since moving into my new house, I haven’t bought sugar and flour to bake! I was in a baking mood this weekend, so now was a great time to try.






All of the ingredients (except butter and an egg) are included in this box. You don’t need to use measuring cups, so it makes clean up easy!


img_9557 img_9558

All you have to do is add the ingredients in the correct order, and they are even color coded and numbered. I was able to mix everything in less than 10 minutes. A helpful hint on the box reminds the baker not to overmix the flour. A helpful hint for all baking projects. Once you have your batter, you just need to arrange the dough on the cookie sheet. They bake for 10 minutes, so this whole project takes only 20 minutes or so. Take them off the pan to cool, and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they were! Had I still lived in NYC, this would be the perfect fix for when I wanted to bake!


Time to Enjoy

My cookies turned out perfect! I am always careful not to over bake any good since a little gooey is always better. This was such an easy process, I will definitely buy this again. I can’t wait to try some other products from their line.


Yummy goodness!

I even packaged them for mimg_2280y friend and me to eat at the theater. If you have a chance to see First Date do it! It was hilarious. I wouldn’t suggest it for children (language and some crude humor), but great for any adult. I can’t imagine someone not enjoying it. The cookies made for a great treat. Until next time, rosy wandering!

Wanna Get Away?

Have you ever just wanted to get away? I know it’s #tbt, but this Thursday I am going to dream forward. Maybe it’s because I haven’t traveled recently, I had to cancel my trip to Chicago this weekend, or I am simply in the mood to relax and take in life, but I am itching to go somewhere. Unfortunately, because of prior commitments and work, I am unable to get to a beach and just be. That doesn’t help sooth the soul.

What to do instead? Looks like I will need to recreate a vacation experience at home. I feel pretty confident I have the recipe for what makes a good beach weekend…

  1. Sunshine. Get outside. It may be close to 100 degrees this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you should stay inside. I have a few runs planned to help soak up vitamin D; I also plan on dining al fresco. It’s summer so live like it is – no matter where you are!
  2. Music. I love Kenny Chesney. Something about his music helps me to relax, so blast the speakers! Everyone has their thing and Kenny is mine!
  3. Read a book. When I go to the beach, I read. Even when you’re on vacation, reading can take you to another place. A chance to experience someone else’s life, so it’s the ultimate vacation on a vacation. Well, I will continue “reading” my audiobooks while I run, but I am going to find some type of fiction to read. Any suggestions, let me know! I need something light and funny.
  4. Break a sweat. Nothing releases stress like exercise. I just started back up at Pure Barre, so I’ll be there a few times this weekend, in addition to running. Wearing your body out is good for your mind.
  5. A good drink. My friend and I are going to Le Meridien’s rooftop bar on Saturday to try their popular popsicle drinks and watch the sunset. #winning

Well, that’s my plan this weekend. Hopefully, I’ll fool myself into thinking I’m away. Maybe I’ll purchase a baby pool for the patio while I’m at it…Happy Wanderings!

PS – In the spirit on #tbt, I’ll post some of my favorite beach pictures from my previous travels. Dreaming this is where I was today!

The Bahamas

The Bahamas

Emerald Isle, NC

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman



Ocean Sunset

Cruise Stop

Grand Cayman again

Badin Lake

Badin Lake – Home Sweet Home


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