The big highlights for this training week were increasing mileage on Wednesday and Charlotte Racefest 10K on Sunday.


Schatzi's yoga pose

Yoga Monday – done! I finished a whole yoga workout, which was good to finally do it. The stretching is very beneficial, and I need to strengthen my core. The whole point is to learn to clear your mind and focus on your breathing but…sigh. It’s so boring! There was an obstacle, but I was impressed she could hold the pose for 30 minutes.


The standard 3-mile Tuesday run was another heart-rate run. I did a great job on it averaging an 11:46/mi pace and an average heart rate of 148 bpm. I felt great, even though it was a very thick morning with 94% humidity. Ahh, summer is here and it’s only going to get worse!


It was like God knew how nervous I was to go up to 4 miles today, so He sent me a beautiful cool morning! It’s the only good explanation for getting such an amazing morning at the end of June. My run was fantastic this day. I was going to do a heart-rate run, but it was too pretty, so I just went. I finished the 4 miles with an 11:21/mi average pace but my heart rate was 164 bpm. I have the same mileage again next week, but Wednesdays will be a challenge going forward. Do I keep this as a heart rate run? Should I do tempo work or something? I’m not sure if there is a strategy for doing a semi-long run mid-week.


Two beautiful mornings in a row?! What is going on here? Too bad this wouldn’t be the weather for the race on Sunday, but again, I’ll take it. I tried to do a heart-rate run, but I didn’t slow down enough. I averaged this 3 miles with an 11:35/mi pace and heart rate at 154 bpm, which isn’t too bad.


So, Fridays are strength days, which is supposed to be a Pure Barre morning. I couldn’t figure out how to buy individual classes on the app, since I can’t rationalize spending $140/mo for unlimited classes (I can’t only make the Friday morning one). I went for a walk with my sister, Shadow. I did some other body weight exercises, but I didn’t add a check on my training plan since I didn’t really do what I should have done. Sigh…I need to make a phone call.


This is cross-training day, so I did a 45 minute walk (partly with Shadow). It was a humid morning and just a walk around the neighborhood, so not a lot to talk about there.


me and my CRF medal

2021 Charlotte Racefest! Read my full race recap here. Since racing is BACK, and I enjoy the race environment, I am trying to sign up for more races to do with my long runs. I have a few scheduled, but I got into this one really last minute. There were 5 miles on the schedule since it was a down week, so this 10K would be perfect!

  • Goal A: run an 11:30/mile pace
  • Goal B: heart rate run
  • Goal C: finish the race

At the end of the day, I accomplished Goal A, but it wasn’t by planning or being methodical. I was proud to earn my second fastest 10K time of 1:10:02!


Week 3 is in the history books. Instagram has more posts for #2021ChicagoMarathon and runners are getting into their training. It’s very motivating to see. A lot of people ran 13-14 mile long runs this week. I need to focus on my training plan and not compare myself, but they are awesome! Here’s to week 4!