Where did 5 weeks go? This was a good week overall, but my schedule got off. Thins were too busy to do a good blog post, but I hope to record better next week.


Yeah, so I didn’t get to Pure Barre or do yoga. I got a walk in, but that’s about it.


I got my 3 miles in and had a good HR run! Average pace of 11:32/mile and my average HR was 141 – that is called progress.


I’m not sure if this run or my long run was a bigger accomplishment for me. 5 miles done on a weekday! I did it! I was worried about timing, so I didn’t focus on heart rate (average was 159 BPM). Overall, pace was 12:09/mile, so not too bad. Starting this week, I will increase mileage on Wednesday. I will do another 5 next week before doing the next two weeks at 6 miles.


This day was a big regret. We were supposed to have the tropical storm hit and the radar looked A LOT rainy…except it wasn’t. Chicken Kristin decided to avoid the rain, but it avoided her. I went to Pure Barre in the evening, so I at least did something, but I really regret this since I had been doing such a good job with my routine.


To make up for missing my 3 miles yesterday, I planned to run to Pure Barre on Friday morning then run home. It was a slower start with slower dogs, so I almost didn’t run to class. In the end, I did and was so glad! I didn’t have time before work to finish a full 3 miles, but I got in 2 miles. At least I would just finish my weekly mileage down 1 miles.


This was my first double-digit run in a very long time. A year at least? I was really nervous to start the day. I decided to move my long run to Saturday because a teammate’s wedding celebration was on Saturday night and there was a potential for rain on Sunday. Trying to learn from my fueling lesson last week, I had a Honey Stinger waffle that I picked up at the running store. This has have been mentioned in other blogs, so I thought I would try it out. It was delicious and ended up being a good fuel for me. I didn’t eat anything else.

My run started out really well. I felt really strong and ran the first 2.5 miles. I noticed my HR was getting high, so I opted to walk for a bit and started a 3/1 run/walk pattern around mile 3.5. I did a great job until mile 7 and the sun started to really come out. I slowed down a lot around mile 8, but I finished! My average pace was 12:31/mile and 151 HR. I got in my miles, and that is what is important!


Unfortunately, I was a lazy, lazy bum today. I didn’t close a single ring! Nothing else to record here, unfortunately.