Not a great week, but I got in all of my runs. There were a lot of factors that threw off my marathon schedule like watching Stubby and staying out later on Saturday night. Just proves the importance that sleep has and having a good routine. Not a lot to say other than that for this week.


Stubby (my Rover dog) and I went for a 2-mile walk to try to wear him out. I think he can go further, but I don’t want to make him sick from the humidity. I couldn’t make it to Pure Barre and didn’t do any yoga or strength training, so not a great day for marathon training.


After walking Stubby for a mile, I went on a 3-mile run where I averaged an 11:24/mile and average HR of 150 BPM. I walked Stubby for 1.5 miles in the evening, so I got in some good movement for the day.

success finishing 6 miles on a Wednesday!


I was so nervous about this run. Six miles is a big run for me anyway, let alone running it before work. To top it all off, Stubby needed to get some energy out on a walk. We probably woke up around 4 or 4:15 am and went out for a walk around 5 am. Stubby and I walked 1.5 miles (which wasn’t enough he said!) and then it was time for me to get my run on.

To make the run less daunting, I decided beforehand to run a 3/1 run/walk pattern, which really helped. The first mile was okay, but the second was really rough. After 3 miles I felt more in my groove. 11:46/mile and 155 BPM.


It was another very early morning so I could walk Stubby for 1.5 miles again. My neighbor joined me for my 3 mile run today. I definitely run faster when I’m with someone. My Strava heart rate graph showed me in the tempo zone for most of the run, so I guess that means it was a tempo run? Regardless, I felt good and averaged 11:09/mile and 164 BPM.


Pure Barre at 6 am. That was all I did because I was exhausted from Stubby’s stay and just wanted some downtime.


A short walk and Pure Barre was all I got into today since I had to work. I ended up going to my mom and dad’s that night for a boat ride and some fireworks. I was nervous about how it would affect me on my long-run Sunday, but it was a great show, so I’m glad I went.


YUCK! I felt so tired after this 12-mile run. I should have slept more the night before, but the weather was just awful. Overall, I averaged a 13:02/mile pace and 145 HR. It was all I could do to finish, and there’s not much more to say than that. Not feeling good like I did last week.

sunrise over the lake
Even though the run was awful, I at least got to see this beautiful view.