Much like last week, this week was a struggle. I felt frustrated and discouraged on many of my runs, but I’m just trying to focus on completing the miles on my marathon training schedule. Supposedly, I am getting stronger with every workout, but I feel like I’m getting worse. Just get in the miles…


Pure Barre on Monday night was great. Good workout and a big check on the plan to start the week.

cat stop


Three-mile run was the scheduled run on Tuesday. My plan was to do a heart rate run, which got thrown off because of this cat! I kept pausing my watch because it was following me and eventually I messed up and hit stop not pause! I probably did this is a 12:30-ish pace with an average HR in the 140s, which is good. Thankfully, the cat has a home.

beautiful sunrise
One of my favorite things about running in the morning is seeing the sunrise. God’s artwork.
check off the last 6 mile Wednesday run


My last 6-mile Wednesday run! It was a struggle, but I somehow did it an 11:56/mile pace with an average HR of 155, so I was very pleased with this. What I was NOT pleased about is forgetting my Apple Watch on the charger, so I didn’t get my stands for the day! Super bummer.


Another 3-miler focusing on HR. Finished at 11:58/mile and an average HR of 141, which is right on target. I feel like I’m getting slower, but I’m hoping it’s just the humidity.


My standard 6 AM Pure Barre class went well. I’m not sure I’m getting any stronger though. I’m able to do some things better, but I’m just not sure how it’s impacting my running.


I went on a short walk and then to Pure Barre. Not quite the cross-training I should do, I just wasn’t in the mood to do much else. I meant to do a workout on my Apple app, but I didn’t quite get there. I did take a non-recorded 30-minute walk with one of my Wag! dogs, which was hot but nice, and made $17 in the process. Sweet!


Long-run day was so hard. I’ve had a chance to relax a few hours before writing this since I really needed it. It was so frustrating and gave me a lot of doubts as to whether I am going to be able to pull off this marathon. Long runs are the foundation of marathon training, and while not the singularly most important thing, a very important part of marathon training. Today was 13 miles (I made it 13.1 so I could officially call it halfway) which takes me back down to the river to start the south side of the course. I finished the route with 13.1 miles at a 13:06/mile pace and an average HR of 154 BPM.

It’s frustrating because I am sticking to my training plan. I’ve done almost every run and this week was hard. Just hard and awful. I left the house at 6 am since it was in the low 70s but the humidity was over 90%. My first 8 miles or so went well keeping my run 3 min/walk 1 min cycle. I had an Huma gel around mile 3.5. It was definitely getting warmer around mile 7 and my route wasn’t very shady. It was time for my treat of Clif Blocks around mile 7.5 and wasn’t too long after that when I couldn’t maintain my run/walk pattern.

I walked with a few run spurts before I made it back to my house around mile 9. It was necessary to refill my water bottle but had to tell myself not to sit down. The AC when I entered was glorious! Even though the pups wanted scratches, I couldn’t stay. The next mile was meh, as I did run some, but after mile 10, I was done. I kept saying “just get in the miles. It’s okay if you walk. Try to speed walk like Savannah Half Marathon.” It was miserable!


When I got back home, I sat on my yoga mat looking like I had gone swimming. My adorable dogs just wanted some loving and snuggled even though I had to be very smelly. After a shower, protein shake (which I forced since it’s supposed to be good to have protein after a run), and catnap, I started to feel better. Online church was greatly appreciated, as I was in no mood to go anywhere.

One of my friends responded to my Instagram story to tell me good job. I told him how discouraged I felt, and he reminded me to keep going and that it will pay off. Hot, humid runs are hard. He said, “a bad workout is a trillion times better than not doing it.” It was what I needed to hear to start week 9 training.

Week 9 is my halfway point. The mileage is going to increase and things are about to get hard. Part of training s mental. I just need to stick with it and have confidence this training plan will prepare me for marathon day.