Last week I volunteered to be a foster mom for the Charlotte SPCA. I have a weak spot for animals, but dogs just do me in. Whether it’s in a movie, on the news, or in person, if there is a dog in danger, I can’t handle it. Poor innocent things need a nice home and place to stay! I gained a bigger appreciation for rescue organizations, when my dog (Amie) was rescued from a puppy mill in 2011. She went to the Wake County SPCA when I adopted her. As I am establishing roots in Charlotte, I knew it was time for us to get involved in the community and start making a difference!

The Charlotte SPCA is a mostly-run volunteer network. They don’t have a physical shelter; all of the dogs they rescue from Mecklenburg County Animal Control stay with people. We communicate over Facebook in a private group that numbers almost 700 people! That is so fantastic! That many people believe in this cause enough to volunteer their time. I am very excited to be a part of this busy group of volunteers. But now the important part! You want to see the cutie…


This is Becky. She is a 4-6 year old Lhasa Alpo, and she is as sweet as can be! I don’t know her backstory, but she was definitely someone’s pet before she came to live here. She LOVES to snuggle and be held. She has take on a new job as my shadow. She follows me everywhere. Even when she is sleeping, if I move just a bit, she has to get up and follow me – even if it’s to the other side of the couch. She’s shy, but she isn’t scared of people (men or women) and is okay around other dogs. She was spayed yesterday; not sure if that is why she hasn’t played with my dogs. I think she is just mellow. They like each other just fine. She will be posted on PetFinder at some point, and I’ll make sure to share the link. In the meantime, the rest of this post should be pictures and captions!


The first day was an exhausting day. By 9 pm, this is the first time I saw her lay down. Of course, she found a safe, narrow spot on the carpet.


Day 2 – look who is getting comfortable! I hope her new home doesn’t mind that she likes to be one of the group. I was cooking in the kitchen and couldn’t find her…look here she is!

IMG_1377  IMG_1373

Everyone had an interesting first night adjusting to another pup in the house. So worth it. She is going to be a great guest, but we cannot wait for her to find a forever home! She is going to make a family very, very happy.