Ever since my firstIMG_0822 “welcome box,” I was excited to get my next FabFitFun box. The process was a bit confusing because I wasn’t sure if I was getting it or not. I received an email, but then it seemed like a long time with nothing. I contacted customer support via email to confirm I was registered. They confirmed within a few hours that I should receive one in the next few days. Their website isn’t friendly, and they made a note they are working to improve the front-end. The overall theme of the box is getting ready for a spring fling and feeling good about yourself – which I think is the goal of their company 🙂


  • DIY Herbs: I was most excited about these…and now a few weeks later verIMG_0825y sad. The
    instructions basically say the kit is flawless. Nope. Not for me. No sprouts, and I don’t know why. I’ve given it several weeks, but I think I need to find new seeds to plant. I really like the box they provided, and it fits perfectly on my window sill.
  • ISH contour kit: Maybe I just don’t know enough about makeup, but they didn’t give any guidance or instructions on how to use this. I love makeup, and
    I would have used this already, but I have to Google it. I understand the concept, but I am not sure how to apply it. No feedback yet for this until I stop being lazy to figure out the right way to use it – I don’t want to look like a clown.
  • Keratin Gloves and Socks: The brand is Bodipure, and they worked really well. They are essentially cheap plastic cooking gloves (and socks) that are filled with lotion and oil to soften hands. I did an at-home mani/pedi, and it worked much better than soaking and using oil.  You can buy them on Amazon for $5.99/pack and in bulk on their website. I will likely buy these again since they worked well and are made from all-natural products.
  • HelloLegs shaving cream: They softened my legs a bit, but for the most part, I didn’t see a big difference in this. I may just need to use it longer and more often to see more of a result.
  • Marrakesh hair oil: This smells great, but I haven’t used it enough yet. It doesn’t “spread” easily, so I don’t know if I am applying it correctly.
  • Jus D’Amour Bath Bomb: Haven’t had a chance to take a bath yet, but these smell so good, I can’t wait to take one soon!
  • Jewelry piece by Jook & Nona: as I mentioned before, I’m not a big jewelry person, so I don’t get into this much. It’s a nice necklace that says “love” but completely not my style.
  • Yoga Mat Strap by Merrithew: Because my herbs haven’t grown, this was my favorite item. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. You can buy a gray one on their website, but the FabFitFun edition was pink, my favorite color. It doubles as a stretching assistant and works fantastically! They are having a sale until May 31, 2016, for 25% off their website with code FFFMAT16. I’d say that’s a great deal!
  • GiftcarIMG_0824ds: since I’m not a big shopper, these don’t do
    a lot for me, and I’ll likely never visit the websites to see what they offer…
  • I am that Girl partnership: they partnered with the nonprofit to promote their message – very good message, so here’s a call out to the organization.

Well, that’s all for these season. I look forward to receiving the next box. I’ll post in a more timely manner in the future. It takes a while to try these products…and I was REALLY hoping I could share a picture of my herbs. But, alas, they will be laid to rest this weekend.