Tonight I dropped Morrissey off to his new home. I was so happy that he found a place that could love him and is going to take care of him. His mom even bought him a stuffed animal, which he found before she could give it to him. He was so excited to have it. He carried it around her house showing it off.

Even though I am happy he found a wonderful home, I was surprised how sad I was for him to leave.  I didn’t think I was going to be sad because he always had a lot of energy. Now that he’s not here, it’s quite. The relationship dogs develop with their humans is amazing, but it’s even more amazing how we develop relationships with dogs. They each have their own personality and quirks. Once you get to know them, it’s hard not to see it. Morrissey was a playful little guy. The way he would stand on his back legs and walk around (sometimes crying) always made me laugh. IMG_1715Today, he even turned into a cat and sat on the couch. Such a spunky guy who has his whole life ahead of him. I know he’s going to live a long, happy life with his new family. And for that, I am very grateful that God found him his family.

Just a quick thought. Tonight put me in a very reflective mood. We’re going to take a short break from fostering so Schatzi and Amie can have their life back.  Until then…happy wandering!