Webster’s dictionary defines wandering as “traveling aimlessly from place to place.” I wander through life, but it is not aimless. Why does wandering have to be aimless? I need to classify my actions as wandering because the purpose is no more than finding the unexpected. Exploring is “traveling in an area to learn more about it,” but you have to know where you’re going first. I explore when my wandering stops.

Wandering these past few years has taught me there is no point in having a firm, concrete plan because life has so much to give. (Contradictorily, I also believe the only way to accomplish goals is to plan.) There is so much to experience, and I don’t want to miss out on opportunities. How do I know what is out there if I don’t wander? Physical wandering, mental wandering, social wandering. I enjoy stumbling into unexpected experiences and working to experience other people’s ideas.

I don’t want to sound like I am a go-with-the-flow person, since I am quite the opposite. I have goals and dreams, make lists for EVERYTHING, schedule my calendar to the minute, and organize my closet by color. Throughout the last decade, I have come to appreciate having a plan but keeping things flexible enough to enjoy the unexpected.

My blog will highlight my wanders because, who knows, you may wanted to embark on a similar trip or try a product without wandering down the path yourself. I love to explore, and I believe I should share my experiences with other. Whether it is traveling, dining, trying new products/technology, history, or general activities, I will share my thoughts. I’m an optimistic person, and like most of my experiences so far in life, I’m sure my new wanderings will have a rosy-tint. Life’s too short.

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. I will look into them with due diligence. So, without further ado, my blog goes live! Here’s to wandering and experiencing life’s unexpected surprises!