I realized I couldn’t have a blog and expect you to get to know me if I didn’t introduce my two favorites in the world – Schatz and Amie.IMG_1284

They are both Shih Tzus. Although they have similar coloring, they are not biologically related. I adopted Schatz (the bigger one sitting up) when she was just a baby. She is really funny, being more of a person than a dog. She watches TV and even memorizes commercials. She hates horses or when people are angry or clapping – but she does love to watch drama shows (like The Bachelor and Real Housewives), animal shows, and golf…yeah, she’s weird.

Amie is a sweetheart. We rescued Amie 5 years ago when she was found at the Mason Creek Puppy Mill in NC. Amie was one of the mama dogs (no knowing how many litters she had) and in very bad shape when we adopted her. She weighed 6.5 pounds, her fur was so thin you could see her skin, she had diseases, and she couldn’t walk well. The SPCA told me they thought she could have arthritis or something. Today, she weighs 9 pounds and LOVES to run. Not just run but sprint. I think she didn’t have any muscles built up for walking before, but she really appreciates life. She’s super funny because when she eats, she either takes a few pieces of kibble to the carpet to eat or she sits in front of her bowl. Again, not regular dog behavior, but it makes us smile.

You’ll hear me harp on about how poorly some people treat dogs. When Amie was rescued, she was just one of 300 that we rescued! The man involved didn’t even get punished. Just a slap on the wrist. COMPLETELY not acceptable in my world. At least Amie is happy and well-adjusted now. Dogs are simply the best!